Professor Cedar


The Tatsu region’s local authority on Pokemon. Professor Cedar specializes in Pokemon behavior.

On Day 1, Cedar sent his intern, Carl, to contact the party and enlist them in helping him complete the latest edition of the Pokedex, which had been sent to him by Professor Oak. When the party reached his lab, Cedar explained that previous versions were written flat-out by the ten-year-olds that the professors sent to fill them, which resulted in a lot of factual errors. This newest version can scan a Pokemon and record information on it automatically, thus easing the burden on the party.

Cedar told the party that he had given away many of his Pokemon that he collected through his younger years. He only keeps three with him at a given time; a Kangaskhan, a Musharna and a Whiscash. He happily allowed the party to scan these three Pokemon into their Pokedexes.

Professor Cedar

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