Maximilian Zeus

Maximilian Zeus - Traveling King of Conquerers


Glory lies beyond the horizon.
Challenge it because it is unreachable.
Speak of conquest and demonstrate it.
For the sake of my subjects who watch behind me!

A king must live a grander life than any other’s, and embody his people’s image of admiration!
He who is worthy of all heroes’ envy, and he who leads their way, is the king!
Therefore, the king is not alone. For his will equals that of all his followers

Inspired by the character Rider from Fate Zero (an interpretation of Alexander the Great)


Abandoned by his Circus family at an early age, Maximilian Zeus lived in the woods outside [INSERT STARTER TOWN NAME], living by himself and then with his Pokemon in various tree forts. His first Pokemon were a Magikarp that he named Carpe Dean, an Onix named Gerome, and Edward the Scyther.

The strongest of his childhood memories is the message:


Oddly enough, this message appeared on a poster for a MMORPG video game, but that hardly matters now.

Today he is Maximilian Zeus: Noble Warrior, Traveling King, and most importantly, the man who is destined to unite the many people of Tatsu under a single rule, creating and leading the greatest kingdom the world has ever known.

He’s taken an admiring to Lily, a tattooed, ball-busting ass-kicking woman of Tatsu, and has deemed her worthy of ruling at his side as Queen, especially after she defeated him in a pokemon battle. He intends to win the next time they battle, and level the scales in their relationship.

Maximilian Zeus

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