Pokemon Tabletop Adventures: Beige Version

Adventure Log: Pokemon Beige
This is what happened.

Day 4:
-Party continued enjoying the wilderness near the Monastery
-Maximilian captured Ursaring with the (unwelcome) assistance of Tessa and Litwick
-Party scoped out general area, meets Hitmonchan under waterfall
-Isao captured Goldeen & Stunfisk.
-Billy Bob captured some other water Pokemon.
-Maximilian decides to win Ursaring’s respect by pummeling the fighting gym into a pulp while he watches.

Day 3:
-Party leaves Rattigan’s outpost towards Shenlong Monastery
-Party encounters Lilly, the sexy tatted 6-badge trainer, who delivers a letter regarding the robbers being part of a larger operation. Maximilian proceeds onto hitting on her.
-Party goes to find wild Pokemon, going into the mountains and near a fishing hole
-Billy Bob catches Bidoof, Isao captures Teddiursa

Day 2:
-Party leaves Sunrise town, heads east towards Shenlong Monastery
-Party encounters Pidgey(x2), Venonat, and Snivy(x2), all caught
-Party encounters Scraggy from before, Scraggy decides to come along/stalk the party, accepting the nickname ‘Hercules’.
-Party notices broken and slashed up sign, Isao repairs it, and party goes to investigate Rattigan Rest Stop
-Party discovers robbery in action, is provoked by the culprits, and Maximilian Hulks out, Tanking ridiculous damage, punching a Scyther in the face until it goes down, and throwing a criminal at a Drowzee. Other party members also contribute in the fight.
-Maximilian notes a intense need for Lemonade.
-Party calls Rangers, who arrives shortly thereafter to take the robbers away.
-Party is given drinks and lodging for the night.

Day 1:
-Party meets intern to see Professor Cedar
-Party battles and defeats group of youngsters (Rattatta, Bidoof, Sentret)
-Isao captures a Taillow
-Party meets Mayor, who babbles about crudely shaped rock ghosts and sends group on quest
-Party meets professor, each receives a Pokedex and the party receives a communal Pokegear.
-Party goes to cave to investigate rock ghosts
-Party encounters Tynamo, Isao captures Tynamo
-Party encounters two Rhyhorn, Maximilian and Billy-Bob catch Rhyhorn
-Party encounters three Whismer and a Baltoy, Baltoy communicates telepathically with Tessa, party joins forces with Baltoy
-Party encounters zubat swarm, Baltoy goes ahead, All members of party capture Zubat except Tessa
-Party encounters forked tunnel, Tessa has her Gastly scout ahead, determines left path is more dangerous, party naturally decides to take the dangerous path
-Party encounters a Weepinbell, Mawile, Scraggy, and a poorly-coded Porygon
-Party determines that Porygon is a trainer’s pokemon, Isao captures Mawile, party defeats group of wild Pokemon
-Isao objects to the manner in which his Cubone’s battle with Scraggy was interrupted by fellow party members
-Party argues in circles for way too long, Maximilian prevents Isao from being downed by Tessa, Billy Bob exercises his massive reserve of drunken hick wisdom and charisma to talk the party down.
-The party proceeded onto talking to the professor, who opts out of rewarding them for cleaning up his (intern’s) mess (and thereby stemming the tide of porygon-related havoc).
-Mayor awards the party a night in a local hotel
-Party takes pokemon to pokemon center
-Billy Bob decides to do some breeding
-Tessa and Maximilian fight two of the three youngsters previously battled and defeat them again. The youngsters then tell them about more potential challenges, a few members of the fighting gym to the east who have already left town, and a ‘creepy girl’ at the hotel.
-Party encounters the uninhibited, titillating, tattooed, 6-badge-having Trainer named Lilly.
-Maximilian decides Lilly will make a fine queen when he rules the Tatsu Region


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