Less useless than in real life


In order to make better use of your Pokemon, you sometimes need to modify their Base Stats. Vitamins do just that. However, you may only get use out of up to five Vitamins per pokemon. after you have used five vitamins on a pokemon, any vitamins fed to a pokemon afterwards will have no effect.

Vitamin Effect Price
HP Up Raise the user’s HP Base Stat 1. 4900
Protein Raise the user’s Attack Base Stat 1. 4900
Iron Raise the user’s Defense Base Stat 1. 4900
Calcium Raise the user’s Special Attack Base Stat 1. 4900
Zinc Raise the user’s Special Defense Base Stat 1. 4900
Carbos Raise the user’s Speed Base Stat 1. 4900
PP Up Raise one of the user’s Move’s Frequency one level. Use only once per Move. 9800
Rare Candy Raise the user’s experience points so that it is exactly at its next level. 15000


Pokemon Tabletop Adventures: Beige Version GrizzlyHunter25